One year, One country, One project … and you!

If you’re keen to kickstart your international career, the Prince Albert Fund might be just the challenge you need. Essentially, it’s your chance to manage a one-year business project for a Belgian company outside Europe, giving you invaluable business and inter-cultural experience, as well as accelerating your international career as a member of a select network of the Fund’s alumni.

FAQ Candidates

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Do I need to have a business degree?

You need to have a master’s degree to apply. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in business but you should have a demonstrable interest in the business world. Prince Albert Fund Alumni include those with degrees in Business, Commercial Engineering, Law, other Engineering, Philology, Languages, Sciences etc.

I’m over 30, can I still apply?

Sorry no! The Prince Albert Fund invests in the careers of young potentials at the point where we believe it will be of most value to candidates’ futures.

Do I need to have any professional experience?

Yes. In addition to your master’s degree you need a minimum of 3 years professional experience

Do I need to be fluent in English?

Absolutely! English is the principal language of international business language. You should also be prepared to learn the local language of your project.

Do I need to present a project when I apply?

No. The Prince Albert fund has a selection of projects you may choose from that have been proposed by companies expanding abroad. Alternatively, your own contacts and interests may form the basis of a project you may wish to propose. Either is fine with us, we appreciate professionals who have the enthusiasm and maturity to start a project for a company of their choice.

Can the host company be the company I am currently working for?

No. The point of the Prince Albert Fund is to give you a new opportunity in a new environment.

When do I start working for the project and company I select?

Once you have been selected (usually in November), you can start looking and identify your chosen company and project. After a validation of the project by the Prince Albert Fund, a contract will be established between the company and the Prince Albert Fund and you can already start (for a maximum of 1 month) at the company’s premises in Belgium. Don’t forget to take into account the time you will need to leave your previous job, if applicable. Before you leave for your mission abroad, you’ll also have to follow the cultural training and coaching.


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